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Why isn't my robot pumping water?

VIDEO: https://support.watertechcorp.com/why-is-my-robot-not-pumping-water/

    • Check if the power supply is plugged into the wall outlet and electricity is getting to the power supply.
    • Turn the robot upside down and outside of the water. This will put the robot in ‘diagnostic mode’.
    • Turn the robot on (the robot can run out of the water for a few minutes (2 minutes max).
    • See if the pump motor propeller starts to spin for a few seconds.

    If the propeller is not spinning on the pump motor, check to see if hair, string, debris, etc. is preventing the propeller from spinning.

    • Make sure the robot is unplugged.
    • Remove the outlet top.
    • Spin the propeller by hand, dislodge and clean any debris that is caught in the propeller and pump motor shaft.
    • Plug in the robot and turn it on.
    • Make sure the robot is upside down.

    The robot must be in ‘diagnostic mode’ for testing.

    • If the propeller starts to spin, the problem has been corrected.
    • If the propeller is still not spinning, it may be a pump motor issue.