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Why is the Speed Jet's floating cable coiled up/tangled?

You may need to change the axle set up:

  • Install the pin on one side of the wheel for one cleaning, and the other side of the wheel for the next cleaning. (This will change the circular motion of the robot, causing the robot to turn in the opposite direction every time it is used, which will prevent the cable from coiling).

IMPORTANT: It is important to alternate the pin’s position at the beginning of EVERY cleaning cycle. Simply move the Pin from its current position to the same Hole on the opposite side of the Axle! Failure to alternate will result in the Floating Cable to twist and may require repairs!

Make sure to add just the proper amount of cable in the pool when using the robot.

  • Do not put the entire cable into the water. Use only the required amount of cable necessary for the robot to cover the pool. Most robots have more than enough cable and excess cable may increase coiling or tangling. For safety purposes, make sure the power supply is at least 12 feet (4 meters) from the pool.