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Why does the floating cable get tangled or wrapped around my robot?

  1. Turn off the main pool pump when the robot is cleaning the pool.
  2. Run the robot in the water for a few minutes and watch the turning process.

The robot should turn between 45 and 90 degrees every 3rd and 6th pass.
Is the robot turning more than 90 degrees?

IF YES: Remove 1 float from Float cell (Float cell is located inside the robot opposite the motor.) Lift out the filter basket and pry out 1 float cell. The problem should be resolved.

IF NO: If the robot is turning less than 45 degrees add one float to the float cell.

Note: Do not put the entire cable into the water. Use only the required amount of cable necessary for the robot to cover the pool. Most robots have more than enough cable. For safety purposes, make sure power supply is at least 12 feet (4 meters) from the pool. The problem should be resolved.

VIDEO: https://support.watertechcorp.com/why-does-the-floating-cable-get-tangled-or-wrapped-around-my-robot/