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Why doesn’t my Speed Jet cover the entire pool?

Please be sure to place the robot into the shallow end of the pool.

Run the robot in the water without the filter bag/bags for one or two minutes in a clean section of the pool.

If the robot runs normally, without the filter bags, then the filter bags may be clogged.

Wash the filter bag/bags in your washing machine on gentle cycle, cold water, NO detergent. Or, hand-wash the filter bags in a 5 gallon bucket of water.

This will release the dust particles from the bag into the bucket. Reinstall the bag/bags and run the cleaner.

If the robot is still not covering the entire pool, there may be an issue with the pump motor or power supply.

*Note: If a jet is moving, there is no issue with the power supply or motor. Adjust the pin setting and/or timer settings for the Turbo T-Jet.