1. chris

    Hi, I need the charger cap (I seemed to have lost it). Just the cap, not the charger. Can I order this?

  2. Johannes Schumacher

    Hi, I have a Pool Blaster Max and the red rubber sealing at the charging terminal is broken. Do you have spare parts for it?

    Best regards
    Johannes Schumacher

  3. Robert Frazier

    Hello hope all is well on your end. The reason for this E-Mail is I just had to purchase my 3 Pool Blaster. It is a fabulous product except for one flaw. None of the screws used to put it together are stainless steel or Brass. They all rust and fall off making the product unusable. Especially if it happens to be underwater at the time. depending on how much you use it during pool season they last about 2 seasons so at the time it falls apart no warranty. Don`t know if I will buy a 4 but a stainless screw upgrade would be nice if that comes to be.

    Robert Frazier rfssurfer@charter.net 864-238-6226 if you choose to respond.

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